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Zimele Community Canada is the Canadian network in the large Zimele Community. This community is focussed in helping women in the African communities to gain valuable skills so they can become self-reliant which is very rare in poor African communities. Zimele Canada decided to have its own website apart from Zimele USA because they have their own events and fundraising campaigns that are independent from the USA network. They, just like many of our clients, want to make updates to their website without the costs of a CMS. Zimele Canada also has videos that they want to add as part of their media page.

At the time of the website built, Youtube and Vimeo were not popular yet, and Zimele would like to have their videos remain in high quality, have their own playlist. So Ark75 used Flash to build the media page. The Flash application allows Zimele to export their own FLV videos, dropped them into a folder, and the video will automatically get updated on the playlist in the media page.

Eventually the Zimele network would like unity among all their websites, so the current Zimele Canada website uses a design that is align with Zimele USA, however the 2010-2013 website files are still functional and are stored in the above archived link.