Master’s Pentecostal Seminary

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Master's Pentecostal Seminary is a church-based Bible school located in Toronto, Ontario. Students enrolled through Master's allow them to complete their post-secondary degrees at the partnered Bible college - Tyndale - and specialize in the Pentecostal stream. This give the students to receive accreditation with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  Master's website purpose to stand out as a college of its own, therefore a website with its own identity and branding is important.

Master's, just like Outtahand, want to be able to make updates without the costs of CMS, the solution was to use PHP again to allow Master's staff to update a text file and content on the website will be updated. The client also has the ability to drag and drop MP3 and PDF files through using an FTP program and the website automatically gets updated with these files.

Master's target audience is 50+ working male, but the client also wants a site that appeals to the younger group who just graduated from universities.